Danny Parker:


Danny Parker Mint TuxedoDanny Parker is originally from Williams Bay, Wisconsin and has been residing in Galena, Illinois for the last 6 years. Coming from a family with a strong musical influence, Danny began playing guitar at 16 years old. After playing through his High School days, Danny chose to attend the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music while also attending the University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While attending the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, Danny studied music theory with main influences on Blues, Fingerstyle, Classic/Southern rock, and Jam band.

After completing his studies Danny began searching for a band to play in. He soon found several other musicians from the Lake Geneva area and helped form his first band project known as the Northern Lights Band. The Northern Lights Band quickly became a staple in the Lake Geneva area and played for many years in the surrounding areas doing gigs such as Summerfest in Milwaukee, and other big events.

After bouncing around in several other bands in the Lake Geneva area over the course of 15 years, Danny met his wife Hesper Nowatzki and chose to leave the Lake Geneva area to live in beautiful Galena, IL. Here Danny currently resides with his beautiful wife and 3 wonderful boys.

After taking approximately 5 years off from playing out, Danny began playing open jams around the Galena and Dubuque area. Realizing his lost passion for playing music Danny decided to blow the dust off the guitar and mandolin and start practicing again. After painstaking hours of practice Danny decided it was time to get out and start pursuing gigs around the area. After attending several open jams during the Winter of 2017 at the Cornertsone, in downtown Galena IL, Danny was offered to host an open mic. Since then, Danny has hosted several open mics at the Cornerstone and hopes to do many more there. Aside from the open mic, Danny has booked some private gigs and is now seeking more bookings.

Danny’s style of playing has evolved over the years, and now has many different arsenals in his bag of tricks to create a very unique style of playing. Whether it be Classic/Southern rock, Country, 80’s and 90’s favorites, or his favorite being jam band, Danny will impress and satisfy most anyone with his intriguing unique style and live looping techniques. Using a live loop station gives Danny the power to create multiple tracks during his playing which gives him a very full sound and overall impressive presence.

Lastly, being a solo act, The Danny Parker Project is very competitive on pricing. Book now, you won’t regret it.